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Since 2005, Stuff the Bus Foundation has worked hard to ensure that no child starts the school year at a disadvantage.

We hope you will join in our cause.

Announcement: We now offer summer internships!

Our Mission

Since 2005 our mission has been to provide a level playing field for all children in Southern Kentucky. We make sure that every child walks in on the first day of school with the essential supplies needed to be able to connect with the teacher and classmates. By creating this level playing field, we create a chance for each child to have a successful school year.

Every single item we collect stays locally with children, teachers, and classrooms in Southern Kentucky. As of now, we are able to reach kids from Kindergarten thru High School and all benefit from the supplies of Stuff the Bus!

We have achieved this through year-round fundraising and fun filled event’s with local business partners, organizations, and countless donations from you and the community as a whole. 

Our Vision

After a heartwarming response from the community. We are now able to offer even more to the community in need. Ranging from essential school supplies to start the academic year, backpack food for children on weekends and holidays. Scholarships for high school students, and meals for families in need during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. 

Also, Stuff the Bus awards grants to help in the funding of other local agencies in need that have the same core values as the Stuff the bus Foundation.

Stuff the Bus Grants: During an open grant window an applicant may apply for a grant from the Stuff the Bus Foundation. Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Stuff the Bus Foundation and board.

Stuff the Bus Scholarship: Each July the Stuff the Bus Foundation awards multiple scholarships to deserving high school and college students. these can be applied for thru the WKU College Heights Foundation.

Why Donate?

-When you make a tax deductible donation to The Stuff the Bus Foundation you will know that it is staying 100% local and is being used to help create an equal playing field for children both in the classroom and in their day to day life.

-Your donation will go to help ensure that on the first day of school the child had the basics from a backpack and crayons to flash drives, headphones, and other items that many go without but are often required.

-Your donation will help feed a child on the weekend or over holiday breaks thru our work with the Family Resource Centers and their backpack food programs.

-Your donation will help fund our scholarships for high school seniors that will have the opportunity to go to college and truly change their family tree.

-Your donation is controlled by YOU. You can designate your pledge to the county of your choice or a specific area that you would like it focused in.

-Your donation is truly appreciated and will move the meter as for as little as $50.00 thru Stuff the Bus you can make sure a child has the essential supplies they need on day one!

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The Foundation would not be possible without you and our community efforts. Help us keep The Foundation strong so we can continue our Stuff the Bus events. Let's get started, send us an email about how you would like to join our cause!

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