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The 2019 Stuff the Bus dates are below!

Next Evemt: July 19-23








Announcement: 2018 Stuff the Bus Begins July 19-23

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About Stuff the Bus

Since 2005, the Stuff the Bus promotion has altered the lives of children and families throughout Warren County and South Central Kentucky. Stuff the Bus is a community event that focuses on meeting the school supply needs of school-age children to ensure that every child starts the school year the same way. The goal is to give every child the same first day of school experience, regardless of background, home life, or economic status.


Each year community members come together to provide everything from basic school supplies to sports equipment and clothing to tremendous monetary donations, all used to help area children and the schools they attend. and the amazing staff of the event to champion this worthwhile cause.

Each year volunteers raise major awareness for Stuff the Bus and are now inseparably tied to the heartwarming event. Stuff the Bus has become a community staple to symbolize the start of the back to school season for families, teachers, and schools. Stuff the Bus also brings the surrounding areas of Southern Kentucky on board to help over 10 counties and 20 after school programs prepare in their own unique ways with events in each community. Since 2005 the growth of the event can be directly tied to the community we serve. Now with the addition of our WKU Stuff the Bus Scholarship Fund we continue to provide a path for children to succeed from kindergarten thru higher education.

Serving Our Community Since 2005

Since 2005 our mission has been to make sure that every child walks in on the first day of school on an equal playing field. With the essential supplies needed to be able to connect with the teacher and classmates. Every single item we collect stays local with children, teachers, and classrooms in Southern Kentucky. Kids from Kindergarten thru High School benefit from the supplies of Stuff the Bus! The best part…when YOU make a donation you know that is is literally going to help the kids that your kids go to school with.

Donate to the Stuff the Bus Scholarship

Thanks to the visionary leadership and massive community support the event has received, we have created the Stuff the Bus Scholarship Fund to enable the same kids they helped through K-12 attain their dreams of post-secondary education. This scholarship fund is designed to offer assistance to complete the entire education cycle. Through this new fund, Stuff the Bus will continue to help deserving students and impact lives in an even greater capacity than ever before. Time will tell the future of the Stuff the Bus annual promotional event, but we are excited that this Stuff the Bus Scholarship Fund will exist in perpetuity and provide encouragement and assistance to a countless number of students for generations to come.

Stuff the Bus is always accepting donations. We work closely with the College Heights Foundation with our Stuff the Bus Scholarship. Each year we award two incoming college freshmen $1000.00 tuition scholarships. Our goal is to be award to award multiple larger scholarships as the event grows over the years. We need your help to make this happen. Your 100% tax free donation is greatly appreciated.

Stuff the Bus 101

How Do I Help?

Reach out. Get involved on your local level. Your workplace, group, church. We are always looking for unique and special individuals and groups who have a passion to make the community better and to make the lives of children the best they can possibly be. Contact us today to find out more!

When Does Stuff the Bus Happen?

Since 2005 Stuff the Bus happens on the third week of July at Bluegrass Cellular on Campbell Lane in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We work year round to make sure the needs of students and teachers are met. The next 2018 Stuff the Bus event will happen July 19th-23rd.

What Supplies Do You Need?

We need everything from the basic school supplies like crayons, backpacks and markers to things like copy paper, paper towels and “backpack” type food items. Not sure? Make a monetary donation that will stay 100% local and know that it will be spent to its maximum value. 

Club Sponsors

Want to Donate to STB?

Volunteers are always important but if you can’t volunteer we always accept donations. All donations stay 100% in our community and are put to good use for needed supplies and help to continue our mission to serve the children.